Create Survey GDB

This tool creates a new Survey Geodatabase (Survey GDB) and associated metadata files you will be using for the rest of the tools. Most of the GIS products of the CHaMP Toolbar processing steps will be saved to the Survey GDB. The rest of the data, including TINs, are saved in the same folder as the Survey GDB (i.e. “Topo” folder).


  1. On the top of the the Workflow Manager, click the CREATE SURVEY GDB button.
  2. Specify the Output Folder:
    1. Click on the folder next to the Output folder box, and navigate to the folder where your geodatabase will be stored. For CHaMP surveys, this folder structure is established by the CHaMP Data Broker.
  3. Specify the Site Information
    1. Site name or ID: This is the name of site from Do not include the survey date.
    2. Watershed: This is the name of watershed where site is located.
    3. Stream name: This is the Stream name where site is located.
    4. Projection system: Select the UTM zone for your Site.
    5. VisitID: Specify the visit id for the survey.
    6. Field Season: Specify the year of the survey.
  4. Specify the Survey Crew Information
    1. Organization: Name of organization that sampled the site.
    2. Survey Crew: Name of survey crew, as defined by the Crew Lead.
  5. Specify the Visit Type
    1. Check either “Initial visit” or “Repeat visit” depending on your survey data. An Initial Visit is used if the site has never been surveyed before, while repeat visit is used when a site has been surveyed at any point in the past.
  6. Click OK to run the tool.
  7. A success message will appear when the tool has completed successfully.

A new empty Survey Geodatabase will be created. If you have total station files (Nikon or TopCon), proceed to the Process Total Station Instrument File Tool. If you have processed Survey Data (GIS points and Lines) from another type of instrument, you may proceed to Load Survey Data.