Create Topo Project

This tool creates a new survey topo project and associated metadata files that are used by the rest of the tools. All of the GIS products of the CHaMP Toolbar processing steps will be saved to the topo project folder, including rasters, ShapeFiles, TINs, images and reports etc.


  1. On the top of the the Workflow Manager, click the Create New Survey button.
  2. Specify a name for the project.
  3. Click the browse button to specify the output Folder. The folder must be empty and not contain any other files. Each survey topo project must be saved to a different folder. The final path of the survey project file will be shown below under Project Path.
  4. Specify the Site Information:
    1. Site name or ID: This is the name of site from Do not include the survey date.
    2. Watershed: This is the name of watershed where site is located.
    3. Stream name: This is the Stream name where site is located.
    4. Field Season: Specify the year of the survey.
    5. Program: The program with which the survey is associated. Choose other if the survey is not part of the one of the available programs.
    6. Protocol: Pick from one of the available protocols or choose other if the survey was not collected using one of the available protocols.
    7. Visit Type: Select Initial if this is the first survey at this site and the data were collected in an assumed, local projection. Choose repeat if the survey was collected using real-world, projected coordinates.
    8. *Coordinate system: Select the UTM zone for your Site or use the browse button to pick a different coordinates system. Leave this blank if the survey is an initial visit.
  5. Specify the Survey Crew Information
    1. Name of the organization that sampled the site.
    2. Name of survey crew, as defined by the Crew Lead.
  6. Click OK to run the tool.
  7. A success message will appear when the tool has completed successfully.

A new empty topo survey project will be created. If you have total station files (Nikon or TopCon), proceed to the Process Total Station Instrument File Tool. If you have processed Survey Data (GIS points and Lines) from another type of instrument, you may proceed to the Load Survey Data Tool.