Process Instrument File

The Process Total Station Instrument File tool generates coordinates and uncertainty values for the points in the raw total station files. In addition, the tool checks for backsights and station setups, and provides warnings if surveying thresholds have been violated.

Refer to the separate page that describes the Topographic Point Quality Methodology for more information on how this tool operates.


  1. Make sure that the correct topo survey project is open.
  2. Click Process Total Station Instrument File in the Workflow Manager.
  3. Specify the Inputs for Total Station Files

    • Instrument model: Select the instrument model from which the raw file is from. Currently only TopCon and Nikon instruments are supported.
    • Instrument and Auxiliary Instrument files: Select the Instrument and Auxiliary Instrument files for the survey. The file types required depend on which instrument model you selected.

      Survey Instrument   Instrument File  Auxiliary File
      Nikon/Survey Pro:   .raw             -none-   
      TopCon/Magnet:      .mjf             .raw                    
  4. Specify the Visit Date

    • After the survey instrument file is specified, all of the survey dates in the file will populate, along with the number of points surveyed on each day. Check the box next to the relevant dates for the survey to be imported. If no dates are found in the file, select “No date information within instrument files.” The tool will process all of the survey points in the file.
  5. Click OK to run the tool. A success message will appear when the tool has completed successfully.

After you have processed your Total Station Instrument File, you may then check the Survey Quality Report and Load Survey Data to the Geodatabase.


  • Prior to running this tool the Create Topo Project Tool should have been run to create the project that will house the outputs to this tool.
  • You can only run this tool once and process a single instrument file within a topo project. If the tool fails or you realize that you have processed the wrong instrument file, then start again by creating a new topo project.