Convert TIN to DEM

The TIN to DEM tool converts the Topographic TIN into a grid-based (raster) Digital Elevation Model (DEM). The DEM is a much more convenient format for analysis of spatially continuous data and is used by the RBT for CHaMP metric generation and Geomorphic Change Detection.


  1. Make sure the TIN Editing Session is off.
  2. Open Convert a Topo TIN to a DEM in the Workflow Manager.
  3. Make sure the correct Survey Geodatabase is open.
  4. Specify the following parameters:

    Topo TIN Surface: The input TIN to convert. Note there may be multiple versions if the Create TIN tool was run more than once.

  5. Click OK to run the tool.

  6. The DEM and DEM_Hillshade will be added to the map.

  7. Review the DEM and make sure the surface doesn’t have any odd color banding, which may indicate an error.

    1. If any errors are discovered, return to the TIN editing step to make any necessary changes
    2. Then, rerun the CONVERT A TOPO TIN TO A DEM tool
    • There is only one DEM stored in the Survey Geodatabase. Re-running the tool will overwrite the previous version of the DEM.

    • The DEM establishes the Extent requirements for all subsequent rasters created for the survey. If the DEM is recreated for any reason, you must recreate all other Raster products as well.

    • All survey points should fall on a DEM cell. Starting with toolbar version 6.xx, the DEM creation process ensures all TIN nodes are contained within the DEM data extent.

After you have successfully generated the DEM, you may proceed with Detrending.


  • Make sure the TIN editing toolbar is turned off before running the tool.