Validate Description Codes

The Validate Description Codes tool will check and move individual survey points between feature classes based on their description codes. Any Description code that is not part of the CHaMP protocol will be moved to “Error Points”.

Running this tool early in the Topo Data processing will help ensure subsequent tools know where to find the appropriate sets of data to use.


  1. Use the ArcMap Editing features to make edits to the survey data as needed.
  2. End the Edit Session and Save Edits.
  3. Open the Validate Description Codes Tool from the Workflow Manager.
  4. Click OK to Run the tool.


  • It is not always necessary to run this tool - only if the description codes have been manually edited or changed.
  • Points with description codes longer than 6 characters will cause an error.
  • While it is not critical that this tool runs successfully for completing the processing workflow, it can indicate that a problem exists with the survey data or topo project.
  • The Publish data tool will not run successfully if this tool is not able to run successfully.