Digitize Channel Unit Polygons

Use the Channel Units Tool to add the Channel Units (Field) layer to the Map Document. Channel Unit polygons must then be digitized (roughly) using the Water Extent polygon and Channel Unit Markers. These rough polygons will be clipped to the Water Extent polygon with the Stream Surface Tool.


  1. Click CHaMP Toolbar\Topo Processing\Digitize Channel Unit Polygons
  2. Make sure the correct Survey Geodatabase is open.
  3. If you want to re-create your Channel Unit Polygons in a new empty feature class, check the box.
  4. Click OK to run the tool.
  5. The new empty Channel Units layer will be added to the map.

    This is the Channel_Units_Field feature class in the survey geodatabase.

Roughly digitize the Channel Unit Polygons based on the channel unit markers that were collected in the field.

  1. On the Editor toolbar click Start Editing to start an edit session and Select the Create Features tool:

  2. In the Create Features menu of the Editor tool, select Channel Unit 01.

    1. In the bottom of the Create Features window under Construction Tools, select Polygon.

    2. In the MAP WINDOW, pan to the u1 channel unit marker as a starting point for your polygon.

    3. It is ok to digitize the channel unit polygons LARGER than water surface extent polygon (in width across stream), but make sure they are DETAILED within the water surface polygon. Avoid creating overlapping or gaps between units. Snap them to Channel Unit flag u1.

    4. DO NOT need to follow the exact boundaries of the channel units; you just need a rough outline.

    5. Continue clicking to generate vertices and digitize the polygon until you reach u2 flags.

    6. Double Click OR Right Click/Finish Sketch to end a unit.

  3. Repeat this digitizing process for all channel units in the site. Make sure to select a new Unit Number in the Create Features menu for each new channel unit.

  4. Stop Editing after all units complete and Save Edits.

Once your Channel Units have been digitzied, you may proceed to Verify and Clip Channel Units.


  • Make sure Projected\Channel_Units_Field exists in the Survey Geodatabase, or check the checkbox to create a new Channel_Units_Field feature class.