Scout Map

The Scout Map tool creates an ArcMap Map Document (mxd) from the control points and survey extent of a previous year’s survey geodatabase. Additional layers or modifications can be made to this map document so the scout may customize the map to fit their needs.


  1. Make sure the CHaMP data broker has properly obtained the previous year’s Survey Geodatabase for the site.
  2. Open ArcMap.
  3. Open CHaMP Toolbar/Preparation/Create a Scout Map.
  4. Specify the Survey Name (note: best to use the CHaMP Site ID)
  5. Path to the Survey Geodatabase.
  6. Click OK to run the tool.
  7. The output map document (.mxd) will be located in the same folder as the survey Geodatabase. Users will be prompted to open the file once the tool is completed.
  8. The map may be modified as with any Map Document. Additional layers may be added, symbology changed, etc.
  9. Users may export the map as a pdf or print a hard copy to take into the field.


  • The Scout Map Utility currently only works with CHaMP 2011 survey geodatabases. Only three benchmarks are currently supported for the Control Network table.
  • Use the Map Layout View to change the arrangement of Map Elements. Use the Data View to change the extent/position, layers, or symbology of the map.
  • If your map has a BLACK background when exporting, this likely means that the base imagery layer is turned ON but there is no base image. Turn off the visibility of the base map image (which is defaulted in the project to be ON), and re-export the map.