The publish tool is the final step in the CHaMP Topographic Processing Workflow. This tool sends the final data to the CHaMP Data Broker (to upload directly to, and packages the survey data as a ZipFile (to upload republished data).

Data can also be submitted for review. When submitted for review, the survey data will be uploaded to a special location on the CHaMP Cloud Service so crew supervisors or other GIS staff can review/repair problems with the survey. If the validation tool detects any errors or missing data, the survey can only be Published in this ‘review’ mode.


  1. Complete all steps in the Topographic Processing Workflow, including QA steps.
  2. Double check that the data is free of any survey or processing errors.
  3. Open CHaMP Toolbar/Finalize/Publish
  4. Specify the following Parameters

    Publish Mode: Select Publish for Final Data, or select Submit for Review if there are problems with the data. Note, if the survey fails data validation, the only option available is Submit for Review until all errors have been repaired. Survey Date: Specify the date of the field survey (not processing or publish date). Survey Instrument Files: Specify any ‘raw’ data files that were collected by the surveying instrument:

    • Nikon/Survey Pro: - Include the RAW and JOB files exported from the Total Station.
    • TopCon/Magnet: - Include the MJF and RAW files exported from the Total Station.

    Converted GIS Files: Specify any ‘converted’ GIS files (i.e. shapefiles, CAD files, feature classes) that were exported from survey processing software (i.e. ForeSight). Include multiple files if points and lines are separated into different files (i.e. shapefiles).

    • Both Nikon and TopCon export Breaklines as DXF files.
  5. File Geodatabase: Survey geodatabase for the site survey.

    TIN: Topographic TIN for the site. Note: there may be multiple versions of the topographic TIN to choose from. WSETIN: Water Surface Elevation TIN for the site. Note: there may be multiple versions of the WSETIN to choose from. Notes: Include any final remarks about the data, especially if there are any warnings present in the validation.

  6. Click OK to run the tool.

  7. A Zip File will be added to the Topo Processing Folder. This folder can be uploaded to the website.


  • Survey data must pass through the Validation Tool checks before running the Publish Tool.
  • Survey must be processed and published in the folder structure set up by the CHaMP Data Broker.