Review TIN Integrity

The Review TIN Integrity Tool generates a Survey Editing Report for your survey. Along with QA Metrics generated for your TIN, the user is able to provide feedback to questions about the Survey and TIN editing used in your survey.

This is one of three reports that will be uploaded to


  1. Open Review TIN Integrity in the workflow Manager.
  2. Make sure the correct Survey Geodatabase is open.

  3. This tool may take a few minutes to open. Please be patient. A final set of metric calculations are being generated for the tin before the form opens.

  4. The Survey Editing Report Generator will open.

  5. Review and Answer the questions on the left panel of the report.

    1. Save the Responses to add them to the report. They are saved within the Survey GDB and will reappear if the report generator is reopened.
    2. If you do not want to save a response and want to restore the previous response, click “Reset Responses”
  6. Review the Survey Editing Report in the Right Panel. Answers from your responses will be included as soon as the “Save Responses” button is clicked.

  7. Close the window when you are satisfied with the report. It is automatically saved.


  • Make sure to follow the workflow and do not run this process before a TIN has been generated. You can reopen this report at any time after the TIN has been generated.
  • Make sure other ArcGIS programs are closed (i.e. ArcCatalog).
  • Use the Clear Workspace Tool to remove extra processing data that might be causing the error.
  • Close and Restart ArcMap.