Map Images

The Map Images Tool generates a series of preview images of the data. These images are uploaded to and used by watershed managers and program QA leads to assess the quality of the survey and GIS data. Run the Map Images Tool after the data has been completely processed and checked for errors.


  1. Complete all steps in the data processing workflow, including QA and validation checks.
  2. Open CHaMP Toolbar\Finalize\Generate Map Images
  3. Specify the following parameters:

    • Input File Geodatabase: The survey geodatabase that contains the survey data.
    • Output Folder: The Topo folder that contains the survey data.
    • Open Folder?: Indicate if you would like to automatically open the folder once the tool is completed to preview the images.
  4. Click OK to run the tool.

  5. Once the tool is completed, you may preview the images:

    • Centerline.jpg: DEM and the centerline
    • LongLines.jpg: DEM, centerline and the thalweg
    • PlainDEM.jpg: DEM only
    • Thalweg.jpg: DEM and the thalweg
    • WaterExtent.jpg: DEM and the Water Extent Polygon