Create Topo TIN

The Create TIN tool generates a new Topographic TIN from the survey points (Topo Points and Edge of Water Points). The TIN is a “2.5 dimensional” surface (only one Z value per X, Y location) that represents the stream bed and surrounding topography. More information on the TIN model can be found here.


  1. Make sure the Topo Points, Edge of Water Points and Breaklines feature classes are free of errors.
  2. Open Create a Topo TIN from the WOrkflow Manager.
  3. Make sure the correct Survey Geodatabase is open.
  4. There are no inputs (the tool will find the correct feature classes inside the Survey GDB). Click OK to Run the tool.
  5. A new TIN will be created in the same folder as the Survey Geodatabase (not within the geodatabase).

    NOTE: TIN’s will not be overwritten if this tool is run multiple times. The TIN version number will progress as tin, tin0, tin1, and so on.

  6. Check the TIN for errors or incorrectly represented topography. Use the TIN Editing Toolbar.


  • IMPORTANT: There must not be any spaces “ ” in the path to the location of the TIN or the tool will not generate a TIN correctly. Also, the path to the TIN cannot be longer than 120 characters.
  • Make sure Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst Extensions are enabled.
  • If you cannot see your TIN, check to make sure another layer is not covering up the TIN in the Table of Contents (usually the Survey Extent polygon).