Validate Data

The Validation Panel provides an interface to check and display common errors and warnings in the survey data that could prevent the data from being processed correctly. Each warning and error will display a suggested repair method to fix the problem. The tools will not allow data to be published in a final format until all errors are repaired (warnings ok).


  1. Click the Validate Data Tool under the QA Tools Menu.
  2. Make sure the correct Survey Geodatabase is open and the correct TIN and WSETIN are selected.
  3. Click the green Refresh Button. > You may need to wait 30sec to 1min for the checks to complete.
  4. All errors and warnings will appear in the validation panel.
  5. You can make edits and updates to the survey data, and refresh the validation status at any time.
Status Meaning Publish?
Missing A required dataset has not yet been generated. No
Error A dataset contains an error that will prevent some of the tools from running properly. Errors should be fixed before proceeding with the workflow. No
Warning A dataset violates a rule that could impact data quality or processing. Warnings should be checked (and fixed, if needed), but will not prevent proceeding with the workflow. Yes