Help: Workflow and Tutorials

Processing Workflow Guides

These Guides provide additional information about preparing and processing survey data with the CHaMP Toolbar

  • 2014 Topo Workflow Processing (Full Version)
  • 2014 Topo Workflow Processing (Quick Guide Version)
  • 2014 Toolbar Workflow Flow Chart

GIS Tutorials

These tutorials provide a step by step guide using practice datasets to help users understand and become familiar with the workflow and tools used in processing topographic survey data. Updated for 2014.

  • Vector Data Editing Tutorial
  • Introduction to TIN Visualization
  • Introduction to TIN Editing
  • Advanced TIN Editing
  • CHaMP Workflow Tutorial (2014 Version)

Breakline Editing

Information on how to edit breaklines in CHaMP survey data.

  • Introduction to Breakline Editing
  • Adding Line Segments
  • Delete Line Segments
  • Moving Line Vertices
  • Add Z Values to Breakline Tool
  • Breakline Validation