4.0.34 - 20 Jan 2015

  • Updated versions of Kelly’s Python scripts, including the network tools.
  • New “experimental” substrate raster tool

4.0.29 - 28 Oct 2014

  • Incorporated changes to the Python scripts.

4.0.28 - 23 Jun 2014

  • Centerline smoothing issue resolved that resulted in disconnected side channels from the mainstem.
  • Issue of vertical and horizontal uncertainty values of 1 being erroneously reported resolved.

4.0.24 - 10 Jun 2014

  • New check that ensures all breakline vertices intersect with either a topo or edge of water point.
  • Fixed bug of when looking up point codes from key from another Solved Points Table (manifests as code/point offset issue in raw file processing)
  • Removing unnecessary cross section fields.

4.0.19 - 2 Jun 2014

  • Fixed Bug in Publish Tool

4.0.18 - 2 Jun 2014

  • Process Raw Survey Data:
    • fixed bug where first benchmark in total station instrument file was erronesously not being written to point feature class
  • Scout Map Tool
    • Fixed bug with csv file mix up (i.e. air temp loaded as monuments,etc)
    • Fixed bug with output spatial reference when using Site GDB
  • Export Control Network
    • Fixed error exporting control network

4.0.17 - 30 May 2014

  • Improved ArcMap status bar messages during cross section tool.
  • Changed long line (centerline & Thalweg) validation. Minimum length now 1m. Added minimum desired length 6m as a warning.
  • Added note to Survey GDB log with computer and user name on create GDB and publish.
  • Transformation panel now labels benchmarks with their numbers.
  • Transformation panel now refreshes “panel 2” when any of the benchmark radio buttons are clicked.
  • Transformation panel no longer throws an error when the spatial reference of the map document is unknown.
  • Video and help links finished for all tools.
  • Changed .Net architecture to x86 only (to match Base GCD and ArcMap).
  • Improved binary file check for instrument file on Process Total Station Instrument File tool, warns user if the instrument file is in incorrect binary format.

4.0.12 - 28 May 2014

  • Changed detrending to use Spatial Analyst Focal Statistics Geoprocessing rather than ArcObjects IRasterNeighborhoodOp because the old approach was still producing g_g rasters in system protected folders for Jean Olsen.

4.0.11 - 28 May 2014

  • Fixed issue when the “last used” feature classes (i.e. Topo points in the Thalweg tool) were no longer present on the user’s computer.
  • Re-enabled the validation panel loading and validating the survey GDB (was erroneously disabled in prior release.)
  • Fixed issues associated with control points that were originally added as a null value to occupy point field in QaQcBacksightLog due to an incorrect point code length when created during a survey.